I deeply regret hiring this moving company in helping me to relocate. They made our move so stressful and horrible.It was the worst decision I made to use them.

Their representative Tim lied to us on numerous occasions about the details of how the moving of our belongings would occur. Our pick up was 8 hrs late, our delivery was 8 days late, our furniture arrived broken, damaged & missing items. The movers were very rude and left ALL the trash inside our residence, outside our residence, in front of our neighbors doors and in the parking lot leaving us to clean it all up. Once our belongings were picked up we could never get Tim on the phone again to find out what was going on with our delivery.

Why it was so late. According to the moving company our delivery was late due to other deliveries and the customers not being home at the time of the delivery but our driver, Victor said they did not even leave the moving company's location until the day before our delivery and they had no other deliveries prior to ours, they drove straight to our location.We were also charged $1,300.00 over the written estimate. We were told by Tim we could be present for the weighting of our belongings after loading so we would not get overcharged but after our items were loaded we were informed we could not be present for the weighting that it is not their policy and we were charged $1300.00 over the written estimate or our stuff could be put in storage until the dispute was settled which could take many months. The company is now not returning any of our calls to discuss the damage they had caused to our belongings nor our they responding to our written notarized formal complaint form.

I would strongly recommend using any other moving company than this one.It was/is a pure nightmare dealing with this company.

Monetary Loss: $757.

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