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From start to finish north american master lines helped me and my elderly mother move to north carolina with little to no stress at all. I was extremly nervous using movers to touch my belongings but when i spoke to Robert and he broke down the entire process i felt much more confy:) the price was the not the cheapest quote but when Robert walked me through the BBB and the DOT.gov websit i soon saw why they were so much cheaper.

I am so happy everything went smooth and my mother is settled into her place with no headaches on the move.

Thanks ROBERT AND NORTH AMERICAN MASTER LINES.. you really came thru!

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Interesting how Honesty33 posted eight comments all on the same day singing the praises of North American Master Lines -- and all the moving stories were a little different. Either he moved eight times last month, or his name should be Bulls**t33.

Must be a pretty dishonest company that they post fake reviews on websites. Use Rhino Moving if you are in Florida.

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