I know a lot of people come on these websites and always have horrible things to say.. Me on the other hand had a great experience with Robert and the North American Team! From the start Robert made me feel like i was his focus and he did everything i asked him too do throughout the process..The price he quoted actually went down $625 which out of the 7 moves i have done that has never happened..lol the only thing i complained to him about is they beat me too my house..lol Listen if you want a family owned company that is gonna actually pickup your calls and truley care about your move..call the North AMerican team

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Cypress, Texas, United States #808353

DO NOT use this company... Run away.

The estimate at the time of examination seemed to be fair and professional. After our shipment was on the truck, the cost doubled and they wanted cash at the time of delivery.

There was alot of smashed boxes and damage. Even after filling out the claim form, no return calls, and no settlement check.


Your right this is bull that's bc the owner josh socher does this every 6 months w a new company name! They were united master lines then global express van lines and now they are north American master lines they rip everyone off and should all be in jail.

And socher definitely wrote all the reviews on here guaranteeeeed


Biggest crock of bs I ever read in my life the manager wrote this that company sucks and they rip people off!!!!


Interesting how Honesty33 posted eight comments all on the same day singing the praises of North American Master Lines -- and all the moving stories were a little different. Either he moved eight times last month, or his name should be Bulls**t33.

Must be a pretty dishonest company that they post fake reviews on websites. Use Rhino Moving if you are in Florida.

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